General information:

Íslensk Frímerki ehf. ( is a sales broker for the auction material offered on this website acting on behalf of the owner of the material (the consignor). All material is in the full ownership of the consignor until paid in full by the buyer. Pricing is in Icelandic Krónur (ISK) although various other currencies can be displayed as a guidline according to the current exchange rate.

Auction Conditions:

1.  The auction is voluntary and may be joined without cost. The broker assumes the right to refuse any bids (on behalf of the consignor) for reasons such as previous credit history etc.

2.  The auctioned goods are sold to the highest bidder in an internet-based auction on this website that ensures that the highest bidder never pays more than one bid step over the next highest bid. Bid steps are as follows: 500-2.000 kr by 100 kr, 2.001-5.000 kr by 200 kr, 5.001-15.000 kr by 500, 15.001-30.000 kr by 1.000 kr, 30.001-60.000 kr by 2.000 kr, 60.001-100.000 kr by 4.000 kr, 100.001 and over by 5.000 kr.

The broker’s 10% sales commission is added to the knockdown price.

3.  The displayed end time is Icelandic time (Greenwich Mean Time - GMT), knockdown time of each item is clearly displayed on the respective item’s page, time laps between the end of lots is usually 10 seconds. Please bear in mind that the time for a specific item is extended by 3 minutes in those cases where a bid is received when there are less than three minutes left until knockdown, the finishing time is then moved forward three minutes when a bid is received, until there are no more bids.

4.  At the end of the auction the system prepares an invoice showing the shipping cost as well as any bank fees (if applicable). Domestic customers may choose to collect their purchase in person after making an appointment with the broker.

5.  Invoicing is done in Icelandic Kronur but is payable in any major currency at the exchange rate of the day of transfer. All major credit cards are accepted and are processed by our secure payment provider through our website (no extra credit card fee). The broker has no access to any of the credit card information entered there. Payment to the broker’s Icelandic bank account is also possible IN ANY CURRENCY. In some instances Paypal payments may be accepted after an agreement with the broker, such payments are subject to an additional 5% fee.

6.  Returns are only accepted in the case of hidden faults that have not been visible on the item image nor mentioned in the description. Returns should be made no later than 72 hours from receipt of the respective item, no longer than 14 days after the end of the auction. An extension of this time limit may be granted.

7.  Icelandic law is applicable, all legal disputes will be handled by the Reykjavik District Court (Héraðsdómur Reykjavíkur).

8.  All bids are binding and by submitting your bid/s you have agreed to the above terms and conditions.