1918 - Ísland - 87 - Annað
Extremely rare bank draft from 1918 in beautiful condition in the amount of 5,000 kr. The draft bearing a 50 aur Two Kings postage stamp used as a documentary revenue annuled with a manuscript cancellation with the name of the bank employee as well as the date of issue. ONLY A HANDFUL OF COMPLETE SUCH STIMPILMERKI FORERUNNER DOCUMENTS ARE KNOWN TO EXIST.
  • Lot: 62002
ISK 50.000,00
1918 - Ísland - 89 - Snifsi
Pair of 2 kr Two Kings stamps on a large piece from a bank draft, the stamps annuled with a boxed handstamp inscribed "LANDSBANKI - REYKJAVÍK" along with the signature of the bank clerk.
  • Lot: 62004
ISK 3.800,00
1931-1960 - Ísland - DS16 - Frímerki - Óstimplað (óhengt)
Never hinged 10 aur red stimpilmerki revenue of the 1931-1960 issue.
  • Lot: 62014
ISK 1.500,00
1963 - Ísland - DS26, DS28 - Snifsi
Beautifully cancelled piece from a document from 1963 bearing three copies of the far scarcer last printing of the 1931-1960 100 kr Stimpilmerki documentary revenue stamp which had had it's colour of printing altered from violet to red, further a single 1000 kr green on yellow paper from the same issue (quite scarcely seen as well).
  • Lot: 62023
ISK 2.800,00
1967-1980 - Ísland - DS38 - Frímerki - Stimplað
Lightly used block of four of the 1000 kr value (green on yellow paper) from the Stimpilmerki documentary revenue issue of 1967-1980
  • Lot: 62031
ISK 2.400,00
1981 - Ísland - DS41-DS48 - Frímerki - Óstimplað (óhengt)
AFAR SJALDSÉÐ fjórblokkasett af 8 mismunandi verðgildum rifgötuðu stimpilmerkjaútgáfunnar frá árinu 1981, 1 kr - 1.000 kr (5.000 kr merkið ekki þekkt óstimplað eftir því sem við vitum best).
  • Lot: 62033
ISK 78.000,00
1938 - Ísland - Annað
EXCEPTIONAL small size Christmas card with a (tiny) miniature calendar for the year 1938 affixed as a decoration on front. With the calendar of course being usable to some extent, petty officials will presumably have demanded it to be taxed and therefore it has received the scarcely seen revenue/tax handstamp "ALMANAKSSJÓDUR" on one of the pages. An awesome item for an exhition collection due to it's size. RARE ITEM.
  • Lot: 62037
ISK 12.000,00